Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Beauty with Lemon:

lemon beauty

Lemon lessens scars on the face and also gives shine to it. For every skin type we can make different facials with lemon.

For normal skin:

               If the skin is not too dry or too oily then it is called normal skin. People with this type of skin, take 
               lemon juice -  1 spoon
               moong dal   -  1 tea spoon
               Rose water  -  little
Mix all these and make it to a paste and apply to the face. The moong dal powder removes the dirt over skin and lemon smooth-ens the skin. Rose water gives coolness.

For dry skin:

People with dry skin take 
                Olive oil - 1 tea spoon
                Honey    - 1 tea spoon
                lemon     - few drops
Mix all the ingredients. First clean the face with a cleanser (unboiled milk is a good cleanser) and then apply the above mixture, massage for 2 to 3 minutes and leave it. In this lemon juice, honey makes the skin fair and olive oil acts like a moisturizer.

For oily skin:

In a bowl take,
                   Multani mitti - 1 tea spoon
                   Rose water     - 2 spoons
                   Lemon juice   - 1 tea spoon
                   water               - 1 tea spoon
Mix them all to a paste. Now apply it on face. This face pack cleans the oil on the skin and makes the face look fresh.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Success with four

If you want to grow in your selected career, in addition to personal skills you also need to follow some rules.

  1. Ability to speak in the public may not be a great skill if you don't have active listening capability. These are called listening skills. It should not be just for the sake of others you should listen carefully. Give chance for others to speak instead of judging others. In meetings try to give respect to others views also.
  2. Concrete planning will bring success one or the other day. To achieve this, plan for small or achievable goals. Frequently monitor your goals and try to achieve those. If you come across issues in achieving your goals, try to confront them instead of passing the goal itself.
  3. When you run into problems, instead of fear, your should increase on the exposure in different ways of solving the problem.This can only be achieved through positive thinking. You might come across unpredictable problems for which you may not find solution at that moment. Then you shouldn't stress out yourself from inside, instead take help from others.
  4. Few people don't grab opportunities as it might increase their workload. However when you want to grow up on the ladder, you move forward  grabbing the opportunities. Show your interest in the new work. However be careful in taking the work. Don't take all the work and later run into problems for not able to complete the work on time. Be selective and clear in the opportunities you pick. 

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Healthy roots…Ground nut


  • Mono saturated fats which help the heart are rich in peanuts.
  •  Antioxidants that help body are high in peanuts.
  • Vitimin ‘E’, Niacin, Protein, Manganese are high in peanuts.
  • Fibre in peanuts is good for digestive system and also avoids intestinal cancer.
  • Calcium, vitamin ‘D’ in these help in bone strength development.
  • For type-2 diabetes, peanuts work well in controlling sugar and insulin levels in the body.
  • Niacin which acts against alziemers is high in peanuts.
  • It avoids liver cancer.
 Nutrients in peanuts benefits everyone but people with thyroid, heart diseases, kidney related health problems must watch the quantity of intake of peanuts.

Reuse the vegetable waste


Daily while cooking, we eat many vegetables. Some do not require removing skin of the vegetables. But some need to be peeled. Cucumber, ridge guard, beetroot etc., need to be peeled before cooking. This peeled skin can be used as a food material or beauty material or as antigerm.
1.   Keep cucumber skin in the places where ants roam. You won’t see them again in that area.
2.  Mix apple skin, water melon seeds to a paste. To this add some milk and apply it to face and wash it after 5hrs. for glowing face.
3.     Keep skin of pomegranate in boiling water. Cool the water and gargle this water 2 or 3 times a day to avoid bad breathe.
4.  Keep onion skin near bulbs and tube lights to avoid mosquitoes.
5.  Add lemon skin to the bathing water for sometime and bath with that water to avoid itching of the skin.
6.  Cardamom skins, rather throwing in waste, add it to tea for great taste and smell.
7.   Take lemon, Orange and citrus fruit skins dry in the sun and make it to a powder. Sieve it along with bath powder. Use it for bathing for smooth and glowing skin. It also prevents skin diseases.
8.Rub the beetroot skin on the lips to reduce blackness of the lips.
9.  Take sun dried lemon skin powder, neem seeds powder or neem leaves powder. Now sprinkle in the book shelves to avoid germs.
10.Lemon, orange and skins are to be dried in the sun and powder them. Add shikakai and soap nut powder to this. Wash your hair with this for healthy hair. It also prevents whitening of hair.
11.Take ridge guard, chilies, cumin seeds, salt. Now crush all these in a dhinchuk and sundry as vadas. Whenever you want deep fry in oil. This goes well with sambhar rice.
12.Jackfruit seeds can be roasted and eaten for great taste and nutrition.
13.Crush the jackfruit seeds and remove skin. Now make it to small pieces and make curry or chutney with them or they can be added to sambhar and other curries also.
14.Chewing orange skin reduces tooth ache and mouth ulcers.
15. Take garlic skin and dried red chilly waste and make powder, add turmeric powder and sprinkle on four corners of the room and back of the door to prevent worms from entering the house.
16.Ripen bitter guard and tondli can be used for chutney by mixing tamarind, jaggery(for bitterguard only), tadka ingredients(chillies, garlic, cumin and mustard seeds, hing, curry leaves).
17.Dried lady finger and cluster beans can be used again by soaking them in salt water for one day and drain the water. Now cut in to pieces and sun dry them. Whenever you want take a few and deep fry and sprinkle some chilly powder. This tastes good with rice.
18.Take orange skin powder, sandal wood powder and little turmeric powder, milk and make it to a paste. Apply it to face in the night and wash it in the morning for a fair glowing skin.
19.Tender ridge guard and bottle guard skin can be steamed and fried in little oil. Now to this add little tamarind, fried chilies, roasted groundnut, garlic and salt. Now blend all these ingredients in a mixie to make chutney. This goes well with dosa or idli.
20.Used lemon and tamarind can be used to clean utensils.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Home made Facial

Homemade Facial
To make face glow, you need not run to a beauty parlor every time. It will be enough if you can try with home remedies.

Dip cotton in unboiled milk and rub your face so that dirt is gone. Doing it frequently makes the skin smooth. 


Take one tsp of orange juice, one tsp  of lemon juice and one cup of yogurt. Mix all these to a paste and apply the paste on your face leave it for 15 minutes. After that wipe it with a tissue. By doing this dry skin get moisturized which increases the skin glow.

Protein Mask:

Take 1 tbsp of black gram and 5-6 almond. Soak it over night and make a paste of that in the morning. Apply it on face, wash it after an hour. By doing this skin will get required nutrition.

Conditioner for Skin:

Take a tbsp of honey and add two tbsp of cream mix both and apply it on face and neck wash your face after few minutes.

Sunscreen Lotion:

Mix cucumber (keera) juice, glycerine, rose water and put into a tumbler. Store in refridgerator half an hour leaving home apply it as a sunscreen lotion . Due to this , there will less effect of sunshine.