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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Storage tips

  • In toordal and rice add few neem leaves or dried coconut pieces. By doing this they can be stored for long time.
  • Adding some cloves to dry fruits will increase the shelf life.

  • Roasting the bombay ravva in a pan helps storage for longer time.
  • Adding pepper cons or rice to camphor avoids vaporization of camphor.
  • While making ghee, add beetil leaves or fennel seeds. Smells great and helps for longer storage.
  • keep inger in sand and sprinkle water often, the ginger will be fresh.
  • In biscuits box, keep blotting paper or four pepper cons for keeping them fresh and crispy.
  • Keep a piece of hinge in coriander powder, sambhar powder and rasam powder or garam masala powder then it will help for longer storage.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Reuse the vegetable waste


Daily while cooking, we eat many vegetables. Some do not require removing skin of the vegetables. But some need to be peeled. Cucumber, ridge guard, beetroot etc., need to be peeled before cooking. This peeled skin can be used as a food material or beauty material or as antigerm.
1.   Keep cucumber skin in the places where ants roam. You won’t see them again in that area.
2.  Mix apple skin, water melon seeds to a paste. To this add some milk and apply it to face and wash it after 5hrs. for glowing face.
3.     Keep skin of pomegranate in boiling water. Cool the water and gargle this water 2 or 3 times a day to avoid bad breathe.
4.  Keep onion skin near bulbs and tube lights to avoid mosquitoes.
5.  Add lemon skin to the bathing water for sometime and bath with that water to avoid itching of the skin.
6.  Cardamom skins, rather throwing in waste, add it to tea for great taste and smell.
7.   Take lemon, Orange and citrus fruit skins dry in the sun and make it to a powder. Sieve it along with bath powder. Use it for bathing for smooth and glowing skin. It also prevents skin diseases.
8.Rub the beetroot skin on the lips to reduce blackness of the lips.
9.  Take sun dried lemon skin powder, neem seeds powder or neem leaves powder. Now sprinkle in the book shelves to avoid germs.
10.Lemon, orange and skins are to be dried in the sun and powder them. Add shikakai and soap nut powder to this. Wash your hair with this for healthy hair. It also prevents whitening of hair.
11.Take ridge guard, chilies, cumin seeds, salt. Now crush all these in a dhinchuk and sundry as vadas. Whenever you want deep fry in oil. This goes well with sambhar rice.
12.Jackfruit seeds can be roasted and eaten for great taste and nutrition.
13.Crush the jackfruit seeds and remove skin. Now make it to small pieces and make curry or chutney with them or they can be added to sambhar and other curries also.
14.Chewing orange skin reduces tooth ache and mouth ulcers.
15. Take garlic skin and dried red chilly waste and make powder, add turmeric powder and sprinkle on four corners of the room and back of the door to prevent worms from entering the house.
16.Ripen bitter guard and tondli can be used for chutney by mixing tamarind, jaggery(for bitterguard only), tadka ingredients(chillies, garlic, cumin and mustard seeds, hing, curry leaves).
17.Dried lady finger and cluster beans can be used again by soaking them in salt water for one day and drain the water. Now cut in to pieces and sun dry them. Whenever you want take a few and deep fry and sprinkle some chilly powder. This tastes good with rice.
18.Take orange skin powder, sandal wood powder and little turmeric powder, milk and make it to a paste. Apply it to face in the night and wash it in the morning for a fair glowing skin.
19.Tender ridge guard and bottle guard skin can be steamed and fried in little oil. Now to this add little tamarind, fried chilies, roasted groundnut, garlic and salt. Now blend all these ingredients in a mixie to make chutney. This goes well with dosa or idli.
20.Used lemon and tamarind can be used to clean utensils.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Kitchen Tips 4 u

  • Fill warm water in a bowl up to 3/4th level. Place the honey bottle in the warm water for 5 minutes. By doing this the hardened honey will get liquefied. After that keep the bottle at dry or warm place. 
  • Keeping garlic in the microwave for sometime makes it easy to remove the skin easily.
  • By rolling the tomatoes in a paper and refrigerating them, allows them to stay fresh for few days.
  • Cooking in ceramic dishes enhances the taste of the food.
  • To remove the smell of the onions and garlic on the hands after cutting them, rub your hands to a stainless steel bowl then it will absorb the smell.
  •  While cutting beetroot, carrot etc., keeping them in microwave will make their cleaning easy.
  • When the lime becomes dry and stiff, soak it in warm water for two or three minutes, so that extracting juice would be easy.