Monday, 1 July 2013

Shine with coconut milk

Shining beauty
        To enhance your beauty, you don't need to always run to the beauty parlor  Coconut milk which is easily available at home will help to bring out the shining beauty in you.

  • Mixture of coconut milk and curd is to be applied on the face. Leave it for five minutes and rub it off with a clean cotton cloth gently. After that wash your face by sprinkling cold water and clean it. By doing this dead cells and dirt accumulated on the face can be removed.
  • Natural Make-up Remover:
  1. Coconut milk - 2 spoons
  2. Olive oil          - 4 spoons

Mix the ingredients and refrigerate by keeping them in an air tight container. You can use it as make-up remover. This should be consumed within a week.

  • Homemade face pack:

  1. Coconut milk - 2 spoons
  2. Red Sandalwood powder - 1 tea spoon
  3. Saffron - little
  4. Honey
Mix all the above, and apply it to face and neck in gentle massaging movements. Doing this frequently, makes the skin shine longer.
  • Natural tan remover:
Skin willbe tanned to reddish color by roaming in sun. At that time, take 
  1. coconut milk - 1 cup
  2. rose water - 1/2 cup
Mix it in a bottle and refrigerate. Immediately after coming from outside, sprinkle some of this mixture and leave it for half an hour. Skin is refreshed and tan will also decrease.