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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Tips for Ageless Beauty

      Though some people get older, their skin still glows as young. For maintaining such a glowing skin instead of spending on expensive beauty products follow some of their beauty tips.

    • Cleansing  everyday is compulsory. It doesn't mean that applying a little cleanser and washing it immediately is not advisable. Massage the cleanser on the skin for a minute and then wash with warm water. Creamy cleanser are the best.
    • Small wrinkles on the face and stretch marks can be reduced by using night cream with vitamin 'A'. These creams increase the production of collagen to reduce wrinkles. Some people are allergic to these night creams. In this case, apply moisturizer on the face and after half an hour apply night cream.
    • Omega-3 fatty acids, anti-oxidants rich foods should be taken highly. Nuts ,green leafy veggies, green tea are rich in these nutrients. By eating these nutritious foods, skin rashes can be avoided. Daily exercise keeps the skin healthy. By doing exercise, blood flow throughout the skin will be done so the skin looks fresh and ageless.
    • Stress increases ageing of the skin. Pimples also start with it. To stop this problem, sleeping for 8 hours is compulsory.
    • Sunscreen plays an important role in protecting our skin from sun. Applying the sunscreen once in the morning is not enough whether you be in the sun or not, applying sunscreen for every 2 or 3 hours is recommended.

Monday, 30 September 2013

Beauty in your Hands

  • Dark circles, pimples, scars.. If this is the case, first identify the problem. Find out the type of your skin whether it is dry, normal or oily type. After determining your skin type, steps for prevention are to be taken. Lack of nutritious food, good sleep results in skin problems. So eat fresh fruits, green veggies in large amounts.
  • Dirt and uncleanliness also gets us skin problems. So dead cells are to be removed. Before going to sleep, clean with a cleanser and scrub your skin at least once in a week to avoid small skin problems.
  • Whatever the fruit you eat, apply some of it to the face. Nutrients in the fruits makes the skin smooth.
  • Exercising is also one solution. Daily morning walk for half an hour and do skipping. 7-8 Hours of sleep is a must. So that cells will rejuvenate.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Orange for beauty

beauty with orange

Whatever may your skin color be, but by taking care your skin can glow beautifully. Enhance your skin color a little also. Homemade facemasks shown as below can do the work for you.



Milk powder - 1 tea spoon
Honey           - 1 tea spoon
Lemon juice  - 1 teaspoon
Almond(Badam) oil - half tea spoon

Mix all these ingredients and apply it to face and rest for 15 minutes and clean it. Doing this frequently, skin tan will be removed and skin glows.


Mix oatmeal powder in tomato juice and apply it on the face and rest for 20 minutes and clean it with cold water.



Gram flour (Besan) - 1 spoon 
Unboiled milk          - 2 spoons
Lemon juice            - 2 to 3 drops

Mix all these ingredients well and apply it on the areas where black spots are there. After 15 minutes wash it off . This mixture reduces blackness and enhances skin color. Do it weekly once for four weeks as a face pack for good results.


            Orange skin powder is made by drying the orange skin in shaded sunlight rather than to direct sunlight, which reduces the effectiveness. Now powder the dried orange skin and keep it in an airtight container.

            Take this orange skin powder and mix it with little milk and make it to a paste and apply on face. After it gets dried, wash with warm water. Dark skin people, try this pack daily for glowing skin.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Shine with coconut milk

Shining beauty
        To enhance your beauty, you don't need to always run to the beauty parlor  Coconut milk which is easily available at home will help to bring out the shining beauty in you.

  • Mixture of coconut milk and curd is to be applied on the face. Leave it for five minutes and rub it off with a clean cotton cloth gently. After that wash your face by sprinkling cold water and clean it. By doing this dead cells and dirt accumulated on the face can be removed.
  • Natural Make-up Remover:
  1. Coconut milk - 2 spoons
  2. Olive oil          - 4 spoons

Mix the ingredients and refrigerate by keeping them in an air tight container. You can use it as make-up remover. This should be consumed within a week.

  • Homemade face pack:

  1. Coconut milk - 2 spoons
  2. Red Sandalwood powder - 1 tea spoon
  3. Saffron - little
  4. Honey
Mix all the above, and apply it to face and neck in gentle massaging movements. Doing this frequently, makes the skin shine longer.
  • Natural tan remover:
Skin willbe tanned to reddish color by roaming in sun. At that time, take 
  1. coconut milk - 1 cup
  2. rose water - 1/2 cup
Mix it in a bottle and refrigerate. Immediately after coming from outside, sprinkle some of this mixture and leave it for half an hour. Skin is refreshed and tan will also decrease.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Beauty with Lemon:

lemon beauty

Lemon lessens scars on the face and also gives shine to it. For every skin type we can make different facials with lemon.

For normal skin:

               If the skin is not too dry or too oily then it is called normal skin. People with this type of skin, take 
               lemon juice -  1 spoon
               moong dal   -  1 tea spoon
               Rose water  -  little
Mix all these and make it to a paste and apply to the face. The moong dal powder removes the dirt over skin and lemon smooth-ens the skin. Rose water gives coolness.

For dry skin:

People with dry skin take 
                Olive oil - 1 tea spoon
                Honey    - 1 tea spoon
                lemon     - few drops
Mix all the ingredients. First clean the face with a cleanser (unboiled milk is a good cleanser) and then apply the above mixture, massage for 2 to 3 minutes and leave it. In this lemon juice, honey makes the skin fair and olive oil acts like a moisturizer.

For oily skin:

In a bowl take,
                   Multani mitti - 1 tea spoon
                   Rose water     - 2 spoons
                   Lemon juice   - 1 tea spoon
                   water               - 1 tea spoon
Mix them all to a paste. Now apply it on face. This face pack cleans the oil on the skin and makes the face look fresh.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Home made Facial

Homemade Facial
To make face glow, you need not run to a beauty parlor every time. It will be enough if you can try with home remedies.

Dip cotton in unboiled milk and rub your face so that dirt is gone. Doing it frequently makes the skin smooth. 


Take one tsp of orange juice, one tsp  of lemon juice and one cup of yogurt. Mix all these to a paste and apply the paste on your face leave it for 15 minutes. After that wipe it with a tissue. By doing this dry skin get moisturized which increases the skin glow.

Protein Mask:

Take 1 tbsp of black gram and 5-6 almond. Soak it over night and make a paste of that in the morning. Apply it on face, wash it after an hour. By doing this skin will get required nutrition.

Conditioner for Skin:

Take a tbsp of honey and add two tbsp of cream mix both and apply it on face and neck wash your face after few minutes.

Sunscreen Lotion:

Mix cucumber (keera) juice, glycerine, rose water and put into a tumbler. Store in refridgerator half an hour leaving home apply it as a sunscreen lotion . Due to this , there will less effect of sunshine.   

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Wrinkles disappear...

wrinkle free

  • The creams containing cynatin, vitamin 'A' and alpha hydroxy acids should be used for reducing wrinkles.
  • Harmonal imbalance also causes wrinkles. So timely sleep, nutritional food intake must not be neglected.
  • The area around the mouth must be kept moisturized all the time. If it is dry then wrinkles and lines will come. 
  • Taking care not only from the outside but also from inside is important. The food we take and drinking plenty of water prevent wrinkles.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Fair glowing Knees and Elbows

knees and elbows

         How fair you may be, your elbows and knees are dark in colour and thickened gradually. For avoiding such condition..... try this.

  1. Rub elbows and knees with lemon and leave it for 15  minutes. After that soak a towel in warm water and rub all the lemon applied  thoroughly. 
  2. Likewise, add one table spoon lemon juice to one tea spoon coconut oil and rub this mixture on your joints and as said above remove the applied mixture with warm towel.
  3. Add walnut powder to coconut oil and applying regularly gives good results.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Smooth with Coconut Oil:


1. Apply some coconut oil on the wet skin after bath for a smoother skin and avoid dryness of skin.

2. Coconut oil has lauric acid which protects us from bacteria and viruses. For scratches, rashes and itching skin try this simple tip. Take one bucket of warm water, add little coconut oil and bath.

3. Mix coconut oil and baking soda in equal portions, massage this mixture on your face. Later wash with warm water. This helps remove the dead cells by acting like a scrub.

To avoid dandruff massage some warm coconut oil before going to bed and wash it in the morning.