Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Success with four

If you want to grow in your selected career, in addition to personal skills you also need to follow some rules.

  1. Ability to speak in the public may not be a great skill if you don't have active listening capability. These are called listening skills. It should not be just for the sake of others you should listen carefully. Give chance for others to speak instead of judging others. In meetings try to give respect to others views also.
  2. Concrete planning will bring success one or the other day. To achieve this, plan for small or achievable goals. Frequently monitor your goals and try to achieve those. If you come across issues in achieving your goals, try to confront them instead of passing the goal itself.
  3. When you run into problems, instead of fear, your should increase on the exposure in different ways of solving the problem.This can only be achieved through positive thinking. You might come across unpredictable problems for which you may not find solution at that moment. Then you shouldn't stress out yourself from inside, instead take help from others.
  4. Few people don't grab opportunities as it might increase their workload. However when you want to grow up on the ladder, you move forward  grabbing the opportunities. Show your interest in the new work. However be careful in taking the work. Don't take all the work and later run into problems for not able to complete the work on time. Be selective and clear in the opportunities you pick.