Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Storage tips

  • In toordal and rice add few neem leaves or dried coconut pieces. By doing this they can be stored for long time.
  • Adding some cloves to dry fruits will increase the shelf life.

  • Roasting the bombay ravva in a pan helps storage for longer time.
  • Adding pepper cons or rice to camphor avoids vaporization of camphor.
  • While making ghee, add beetil leaves or fennel seeds. Smells great and helps for longer storage.
  • keep inger in sand and sprinkle water often, the ginger will be fresh.
  • In biscuits box, keep blotting paper or four pepper cons for keeping them fresh and crispy.
  • Keep a piece of hinge in coriander powder, sambhar powder and rasam powder or garam masala powder then it will help for longer storage.