Monday, 30 September 2013

Beauty in your Hands

  • Dark circles, pimples, scars.. If this is the case, first identify the problem. Find out the type of your skin whether it is dry, normal or oily type. After determining your skin type, steps for prevention are to be taken. Lack of nutritious food, good sleep results in skin problems. So eat fresh fruits, green veggies in large amounts.
  • Dirt and uncleanliness also gets us skin problems. So dead cells are to be removed. Before going to sleep, clean with a cleanser and scrub your skin at least once in a week to avoid small skin problems.
  • Whatever the fruit you eat, apply some of it to the face. Nutrients in the fruits makes the skin smooth.
  • Exercising is also one solution. Daily morning walk for half an hour and do skipping. 7-8 Hours of sleep is a must. So that cells will rejuvenate.

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